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Weekly Pool Service:

Pool Service should not be a hassle. Stop paying for inferior “Splash and Dash” maintenance that is completed in less than 5 minutes. It is easy to keep a pool clear, but keeping it balanced and safe to swim is a different story. Poor water chemistry can lead to costly repairs for your pool and health issues your family. Having a service technician that understands pool water chemistry, is essential to a healthy swimming pool. Our weekly service clients become extended family to us. We retain our staff, so you will have the same technician each week. He will show up on the same day, and around the same time. This way, you always know when your pool will be cleaned. We offer discounts on supplies and installations for our weekly service clients, and our mechanical staff provides free annual system check-ups. We are State Licensed and carry full Liability and Worker’s Comp insurance policies. Remember, if you hire an unlicensed/uninsured pool guy and they get hurt on your property, it will be you who will be responsible. Our office staff is ALWAYS available to answer any questions you may have and provide certificates of insurance.

Free Chemical and Supply Delivery:

Stop destroying your car and clothes picking up pool supplies! We offer free next day chemical delivery to any Do-It-Yourself pool owner in our service area. There is no minimum to order and we will provide a free water test while we are there. We can deliver liquid or dry chemicals. We also deliver maintenance supplies and parts for pool systems and cleaners. Whatever you need for your pool, we have it. Just give us a call before 3 PM and we can prepare your order to be delivered tomorrow.

Free Pool Equipment Repair/Installation Estimates:

Pool equipment that is not operating to maximum efficiency can be costing you money. In some cases, this same equipment can ultimately become a danger to swimmers. Faulty electrical components like motors, transformers and breakers can lead to the pool water becoming electrified. Our mechanical staff is trained to see these issues and correct them. The difference can be as simple as saving a few dollars or as important as saving a life. New energy-efficient pool components will help you to save operating costs and help the planet! New green technology in the industry has progressed dramatically over the past few years. Give us a call to hear how we can help your pool system operate for half of what you pay now!!

Stain Treatments:

We know stains in the pool can look terrible. The pool guy may say it is the surface, but usually it is a topical stain that can be removed. We can come out to see the pool discoloration and let you know the best method for removal. There a number of chemicals that can be used to remove stains without draining the pool. We also offer to do chemical/acid washes for pool surfaces if needed.